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Instra Technologies Pty Ltd is a software development and IT Services company that specializes in industry-specific software. Based in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia, we also provide local IT Network Administration and Support.

Each of our software products are heavily focussed on the target industry and aim to provide a complete business management solution to enable clients to more efficently and more profitably run their business.

Product Spotlight

The New Experts Exchange is Here! Experience EE v.10!
Experts Exchange
For all your technical questions, Experts Exchange has the answer. Check out their invaluable knowledge base here.

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3CX VoIP Phone Systems
3CX have done a great job developing and supporting this fully-featured software-based IPBX which provides business with all the expected features of an expensive traditional PBX for a fraction of the cost. From Ring Groups to Unlimited extensions and faxing, 3CX provides a commanding presence for your business.

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HP Proliant ML350
This mid-sized server is suitable for many businesses who have substantial IT needs. Whilst being cost-effective, the Proliant ML350 also provides enough grunt to get the job done.

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Server Installations
Considering a upgrading your server? or want to install one? This complicated process can be made smooth and straight-forward with the right knowledge and tools.

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Technical Troubleshooting
For assistance with tracking down the cause of a technical fault, we can help. Ranging from mission-critical servers through to residential desktops, trouble-shooting is essential when things go wrong.

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IT Administration & Maintenance
Do you want ongoing maintenance and support for your business IT systems? We offer monthly Maintenance Agreements at various prices.

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Custom Software Development
If you need a custom software application designed, we can perform everything from systems analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation.

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